Our Core Purposes

  • Work together to improve the school so that children and families will benefit.
  • Identify the strengths of the school and celebrate our achievements.
  • Explore aspects that could be developed or improved.
  • Work as a team, or organise working groups, to come up with solutions. 


Parent Viewpoint

Find out more about what parents think of the school and it's provision in our Sharing your views section.


Class Reps:

Each class has a parent representative who sits on the Parent Council. Their role is to raise class issues and work with the Council to find solutions, gather ideas and bring about overall school improvement. The Class Rep is the link between the parents of the class and will share news of events and galvanise support for events and trips. Mrs Curtis directly invites parents on to the Council and chairs each termly meeting.   Thank you to the following parents who volunteered to stand this 2017-18 academic year:

  • Preschool - Stacey (Hunter's Mum)
  • Nursery Class  - Laura (Amelia's Mum)
  • Reception Class – Emma (Bethany's Mum) and Nicola (Liana's Mum)
  • Year 1H – Sarah (Frank's Mum)
  • Year 1S - Nadine (Nariah's Mum)                
  • Year 2 – Vicky (Izzy's Mum)         
  • Year 3 – Gemma (Hollie's Mum)                    
  • Year 4 – Becky (Archie's Mum)
  • Year 5 – Vicky (Keeva's Mum)              
  • Year 6 – Brody (Summer's Mum)

If you have any great ideas of how to make our School even better pass them on to your class rep or come and share them with Mrs Curtis.  


Next meeting Tuesday 24th April 2018

Previous Meetings

Minutes 20th February 2018


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