School Councillor Cup

School Councillor Cup

Our School Councillor cup, is awarded each week to the class who bring in all their reading records by Friday morning with parent signatures to show that adults have heard and discussed reading with their child at least three times over a week.





Being kind and caring is a fundamental principle at Ash Grange, it is highly valued by everyone.  If someone shows extra kindness the recipient has the chance to put their name forward on a behavior token.  At the end of each half term all the extra kindness is celebrated and two are chosen to have their tokens displayed on the wooden trophies.  



Handwriting Pen

When the children write in joined fluent script they earn points, there are certificates to celebrate 10, 25 and 50 points.  At 50 points the children receive an engraved ink pen which they use for all their work.  The children select their own choice of colour which they unveil in Friday assembly.  

Certificates and Stickers

The children work towards certificates in reading, writing, maths and swimming. Every week we celebrate their success in Thursday and Friday assemblies, when the children show their work and receive their awards.

The children receive stickers for exceptional work from class staff or Mrs Curtis.

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