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A wonderful thank you for supporting Children in Need 2017, the children looked fantastic in PJs and Onesies and covered the playground Pudsey with £521!

Get ready for all the Christmas preparations with Nativity, Fayre, Secret Santa, Reindeer Run and Choir events.  Look out on the weekly events calendar that is sent each Friday and ask if you have any questions.  Our tree arrives on December 1st, new parents/carers you are in for a treat.

Times Tables Tastic

As you know the children learn their times tables each week in school, with regular practise expected at home.  In our assessments this term we have discovered that the children are forgetting the early times tables as they learn the next one.  So we have relaunched the certificates as follows with the National Curriculum expectations in brackets:

  • 1st - 2/5/10 – Batman (expected to be known by the end of Year 2)
  • 2nd - 2/5/10/3/4 – Hawk-girl (expected to be known by the middle of Year 3)
  • 3rd - 2/5/10/3/4/6/7/8 – Thor (expected to be known by the end of Year 3 or start of Year 4)
  • 4th - 2/5/10/3/4/6/7/8/9/11/12 – Black Widow (expected to be known by the end of Year 4)

Each term we will set aside one week when the times tables are tested; these are rapid fire timed tests with the questions covering all the different ways to do the calculations: e.g. 4x2=8, 2x4=8, 8÷2=4, 8÷4=2.  All tests have up to 2 mistakes allowed for a pass.  The first test week, next week (27.11.17) will see all Year 2 to 6 children who are ready completing the first test of:

1st - 2/5/10 times tables with 2 mins to answer 40 questions.  If a child passes this one, then the next day they move on to 2nd -  2/5/10/3/4 with 3 mins to answer 50 questions.  If a child passes this one, then the next day they move on to 3rd - 2/5/10/3/4/6/7/8 with 3 mins to answer 70 questions.  If a child passes this on, then on the next day they move on to 4th 2/5/10/3/4/6/7/8/9/11/12 with 4 mins to answer 90 questions.  (This is possible, Freddie W passed this in 2.31 mins with 100% accuracy first time – what a star!)

As you know the children love prizes, so to help motivate and recognise their achievements each level has a maths based prize:

  • 2/5/10 – Batman – times tables rubber or pencil
  • 2/5/10/3/4 – Hawk-girl – times tables ruler
  • 2/5/10/3/4/6/7/8 – Thor – Analogue Watch
  • 2/5/10/3/4/6/7/8/9/11/12 - Black Widow – Maths Set or times tables pencil case

At the end of the week the children will receive their certificate and prizes to bring home.  The next term they will be assessed on the next certificate along.  

Please help them to learn their times tables, there are lots of ways, here are some useful site links:

The younger children are working on their number bonds and flexibility with knowing the order of numbers, ready for times tables as soon as they are ready.

The children have also organised writing prizes for moving certificates.  So if they are achieving a Reading, Writing or Times Tables certificate, there is a prize to celebrate.  The children are working hard and it is tremendous that we can provide them with this recognition of their success.

Kind regards,  Mrs Curtis.

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