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Dear Parents/Carers,

I'm delighted to share that the school has heating, in almost all classes.  Unfortunately Year R and 1S are still without as further repairs are necessary to that section of the school, the repairs and will take  place over the next week.  Whilst repairs are being undertaken YR will be in the Music Room and Y1S will be in the Computer Room please use the Y2/3/4 entrance and exit at drop off and home time.

We are planing to be open for the rest of the week, subject to snow.  I know there are lots of weather warnings of significant snowfall but there are differing reports and we want to try to open if at all possible.  I will notify you by 7.30am if we are unable to open.

Due to the weather forecasts Butser Farm and Guildford trips tomorrow have been postponed but we will be enjoying World Book Day as planned so dressing up is on.

I want to thank you for your understanding in this difficult week and I apologise for any inconvenience our unavoidable closure has caused.  Kind regards, Mrs Curtis.


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