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Last week our heating system started leaking which has resulted in some areas of the school being without heat (YR, Y1, Y5 & Y6).  Despite installing electric heaters which have been on all weekend, due to the cold snap we are now experiencing, some classes and shared areas (toilets/hall) are not holding above 16oC which is the legal minimum. 


Our contractors are on site working to address the problem but it will mean turning off the remaining heat we have.  The work will take at least two days to complete so we have no alternative but to shut the School, Pre-School and Nursery.


The school will remain closed on Tuesday 27th and Wednesday 28th February whilst heating is restored.


Because of this closure, we will now be open on Friday 9th March when we were due to close for INSET.

Thank you for bearing with us during the difficult period.  Please know that this situation is outside of our control and whilst we tried every means possible to remain open, it is unreasonable to expect our children to sit in cold classrooms with their coats on.


We hope to see you all on Thursday, dressed in World Book Day costumes/going to Butser Farm (Yr 3).  


Parents/carers will be informed if there are any changes to this plan.



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