The new projects run for the first half of the Summer term,  16th April to 18th May. Homework contributions can be made throughout the half term, please make sure your child brings in something that they have worked on at home. 

Below are a list of ideas for each project, try one of these or something else project related.

  • Talk to friends or family about their wartime or post-war memories or      experiences. Write down or record their responses.
  • Make a scrapbook of Second World War images and write captions for each one. Consider how the people in the photographs may be feeling.
  • Dress up as an evacuated child. Make a gas mask box using brown paper to cover and write an evacuee label showing your name, address and school. Ask someone to take a photograph then print it with a sepia effect to make it look authentic!
  • Dig for Victory! Find out about the types of vegetables people were encouraged to grow during the War and have a go at growing or cooking some! Popular vegetables included potatoes, cabbage and cauliflowers. The ‘Dig for Victory!’ campaign helped with food shortages during rationing and boosted morale as families became more self-sufficient.I
  • Imagine you are an evacuee: you’re allowed to take just one book with you to your new home. Which one would you take? Conduct a survey amongst family and friends to find out which book they would choose and why. Present your findings to the class.
  • Imagine a child has been evacuated to your home. How would you make them feel welcome? How could you support them if they were missing their own home or family? Which places in your local area would you like to show them?


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