All children from Reception to Year 6 are expected to do daily homework; the children in Pre-school and Nursery have the opportunity to undertake optional learning at home.  Homework should be a positive experience that helps to develop independent learning skills, establishes routines and responsibilities, in preparation for future learning. Parents/Carers are expected to support the child with the homework but they will not do the homework for the child.


  1. Reading at least three times a week
  2. Spellings to learn by Friday for a test
  3. Times tables of the week to learn by Friday for a test
  4. Work towards the half termly project piece that comes from the Cornerstones project.  Each project has a bank of ideas which are sent out and published on the website at the start of the half term.  Click the link below to go to the class section, please help your child to make at least one contribution over each project.
  5. Key Stage 2 children will have one piece a week to consolidate learning from class which is given on a Monday and must be returned by Thursday.
  6. Year 6 children have additional homework in preparation for the Key Stage 2 SATs tests, which also prepares them for the increase in homework and independent study when they begin Secondary School.

Reception Class Homework - Will you read me a story?

Year 1 Homework - Paws, Claws & Whiskers

Year 2 Homework - Beat Band Boogie!

Year 3 Homework – Scrumdiddyuptious

Year 4 Homework - Traders and Raiders

Year 5 Homework - Pharaohs

Year 6 Homework - A child’s war



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