We provide a range of services and activities for children aged 0-5 years and families.

The purpose of a children's centre is to improve outcomes for young children and their families and reduce inequalities to support

  • child development and school readiness
  • parenting aspirations and parenting skills
  • child and family health and life chances

We pride ourselves on providing a happy, caring and understanding environment, where each family member is valued and is able to develop their full potential.

We bring together professionals from Health, Education, Training, the Family Information Service and many other agencies to assist and encourage you with the important job of raising a family. 

We can offer one to one support at home or in the centre.


Please see our regular activity Timetable and details of Events and Activities at our centre.


We prioritise our services for families living in area outlined below. Please register with the Children's Centre by completing the application form and dropping it into the centre. You can register online to get more information via the Surrey County Council website.

For contact details of other local Children's Centres please see our Links page.

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       Surrey CC

Contact details

Children's Centre:  01252 350225

Email: childrenscentre@ash-grange.surrey.sch.uk

Address: Ash Grange Children's Centre and Primary School, Ash Church Road, Ash, Surrey GU12 6LX - Map